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Plant Protection Drone, as its name implies, is used for agriculture and forestry plant protection operations. These Drones always consist of three main parts: flight platforms (fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight controlled and spraying mechanism. They are always remote controlled or GPS flight controlled to implement the spraying operation; you can use them to spray agents, seeds, powder and so on. As the agricultural plant protection Drones are small size, light weight, easy transportation, flexible flight control, so they can be used for different regions, different plots, and different crops with good adaptability. Therefore, regardless of hills or plains, large plots or small plots, agricultural plant protection drones have great application prospects.

Currently, agricultural plant protection Drones, according to rotary wings can be divided into single-rotor, multi-rotor, according to the energy supply type can be divided into sub-electric and oil dynamic. Electric multi-rotor Drones are easy to operate, with a load range of 5-15L, single-time operation can last generally 10-30 minutes, and the operating area may be10-50 acres / sorties. Oil-powered Drones always have more load range 15-150L, the load capacity is strong enough, but just like a car generator with high maintenance cost, up to 200 hours or so you will have to replace the engines. The price is very high as well, high-power plant protection Drones are generally priced at 300000-2000000 each.


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