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They do their best to use believable facts, citing as many reputable sources as possible. Ola EC. They make the doctor behind the claims seem very credible and lastly, they frame medical corporations & big companies as the "bad guys". They're the reason you don't know about all of this "dangerous" information. They're hiding it from you. It helps defeat the objection of "why haven't I heard this before?". Stirling Residences
Normally, marketers will simply use this hook in their email subject lines, but Agora even uses it as the headline of their sales page, which shows you the power of this hook. Forett At Bukit Timah
The way Agora makes money from this offer is by requiring a free trial membership to get the book, which is automatically renewed if not cancelled during the specified trial period.Royal Green
Although Agora is primarily a newsletter business, they never sell their newsletters outright & always use bonuses to draw you in, making the newsletter simply a requirement to get the bonuses. Marina One Residences
. The primary book being pitched, "The Case for Gold", will only be desirable if the reader truly believes an economic collapse is underway, which is why most of the sales letter is composed of proof and convincing arguments regarding the collapse. Luxury Condo In Singapore

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