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Tooth Filling

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Tooth Filling. Getting a cavity filled is one of the most common dental procedures. It’s an effective solution for stopping tooth pain due to decay and for restoring the tooth to full functionality. Dental fillings have a long history in tooth care; the earliest discovered evidence dates back six thousand years to beeswax fillings found in Italy. Your dentist has much more advanced techniques though, so don’t wait, it will only get worse.

A tooth filling, also called a cavity filling, is often necessary to remove decay or repair minor fractures in a tooth. Tooth decay can occur from an unhealthy diet, poor dental hygiene, medical problems or even a dry mouth. Tooth fractures result from an accident or a dental injury.

The difference between a front tooth filling and a rear tooth filling involves the material used. Your family dentist uses bonding material for a front tooth filling that matches the color of your teeth, so the fillings are practically unnoticeable. A rear tooth filling can use material that doesn’t match, since no one can see these teeth when you smile.

Both inlays and onlays require two visits to your dentist to complete. Between your first and second visit, your Albany Dental dentist gives you a temporary covering so you can eat and speak without worry.

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