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We're back just in time for Valentine's Day! The best sunglasses for February brunch are bold looks that cover up those bags under your eyes like the latest from Smith, Prada, Fendi and more! Today we're sharing our brunch sunglasses favorites for men and women on
Lieutenant John Macready was a pilot in the US Air Force. After a trip where his eyes were exposed to the sun for long periods, he came back and complained his eyes had suffered permanent damage. He approached Bausch & Lomb and asked them to design him a pair of glasses that would be protective from the sun’s harmful rays, as well as look elegant in keeping with his pilot image. The result of this were glasses unlike any others. A lightweight metal frame combined with UV filtering lenses that were also anti-glare; these were named ‘aviators’ after Macready’s job. Soon after, other aviator pilots saw the benefits of these glasses and adopted them. Glasses are still made in the style, and almost everyone would have heard of ‘aviators’.
The 1950s saw a surge in profits, with the release of the Wayfarers. A hard, plastic sunglasses frame that fashionistas and the working class alike went mad for. The popularity of this iconic design saw a resurgence in the 1980s, when every musician, actor, model and celebrity would be seen sporting them. In the 90s, Ray-ban saw a huge downwards slide in profits, when wraparound sunglasses became the fashion. The Wayfarers were nearly discontinued, when suddenly in the 2000s, Ray-ban noticed people searching for them. The design was reintroduced, in both classic and new styles, and have been one of the best selling designs ever since.


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