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Lacye A. Brown was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She began doing art when she was little and continued to experiment with various forms of art throughout her life. It was a healthy outlet for expressions and creativity and became her first love. She went to college briefly and focused on writing but became disinterested in the field when she received harsh criticism from her professor in college. While in school, she had a part-time job and created handmade purses to sell to colleagues at work. She took a break from college to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Lacye directed her attention towards becoming a visual artist making contemporary large scale pieces. Although she knew she enjoyed the art genre, the contemporary scene wasn’t interesting to her. She noticed miniature sculptures and became interested in sculpting. She decided to go to school for business. While in school, AppleHead Toys was created in 2010 on the basis of a brand to sell her miniature sculpts. She watched countless online videos to learn various techniques and gain inspiration. Eventually, she formed her own style while experimenting with various techniques from other artistic genres. AppleHead Toys was a means to officially run a business focused on the arts. Since then, she has sculpted, sewn, and grown in various talents.
During major life shifts from divorcing, becoming a single mother of three with no support and taking a step back at where she was in her life, she realized she was at her lowest of lows. She didn’t believe in anything, considered herself a true atheist and had no goals for herself in life. It was April of 2014 when she had a spiritual awakening. This new phenomenon intrigued her and she became focused on bettering herself and learning about spirituality. She made a promise to live the most authentic life for her as was possible and strive for the things she desired without settling for mediocrity. She took on various jobs to support her children financially. Spiritually, she became intrigued and introduced herself to various spiritual experiences and became knowledgeable, attuned and certified in Munay-Ki Rites, Ayahuasca, Reiki Master, tarot, hoodoo, distant healing, and many other teachings. Along with these spiritual experiences and growth, she had to earn a living to support her three children on her own. She worked in the front office at a prominent tattoo parlor in Atlanta before working for a billion-dollar corporation, where they trained her as a certified travel agent. She traveled the world for a year. After traveling, she realized something was missing. She hadn’t done art, one of her greatest loves, in two years. So, she quit her corporate job and dedicated her life to living the best life she could create. This would include working for herself and utilizing all of her artistic talents to earn a living. She wanted to be her own boss and never make money for another person again. So, she briefly worked as an assistant at a wellness facility to pay for expenses, then at a law firm as a receptionist. Make no mistake, her love for traveling was always there but art came first. Along with her initial company AppleHead Toys, she managed to create a spiritually based company, LAB Shaman, where she could utilize her spiritual talents and the Dr. Apples franchise where she could incorporate her artistic talents. She was able to take all of her skills, lessons, and experiences she’s had to bring Dr. Apples to life.
After creating the character, she began writing his back story and dedicated her time and efforts to showcasing the magnificent world of Dr. Apples. She fell in love with Dr. Apples because she could apply her life’s lessons and crafts to articulating his story. She wanted to apply all of her spiritual, emotional and life experiences to make a cohesive universe. Now, she enjoys using all of her talents to materialize his world via art, literature, business, elixirs or whatever pops up. Know that everything created from Dr. Apples’ world comes from the soul of a creative’s heart.

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