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In general terms, you will find two main approaches in massage: those which are energy primarily based, and those which are far more concerned with muscular physiology, though the craze is towards rising integration. Energy-based approaches are influenced by suggestions from the east, where it’s broadly believed that a universal life force runs via the body. In India, power centres referred to as Chakras are believed to be positioned throughout your body, from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head. Each and every one affecting a distinctive aspect of life. In the far east life power is believed to become channelled along the meridians. Having a massage will release blocked power, enable it to flow freely. It’s a therapy in which the practitioner channels a type of healing Energy force for the highest good of the recipients. In the western world , there’s far more of a tradition of muscular-based massage. This strategy is concentrating on physiology and focuses on the muscular-skeletal system. We offer high quality therapeutic massage treatments in the comfort of your own home or hotel room. We provide a door-to-door massage therapy service which gives you the chance to escape from the pressure and demands of your life. We aim to restore, and re-balance your energy levels. By the time we finish your treatment,you will feel rejuvenated and revived, physically and mentally. Having considerable quantity of study and experience within the field, Perfect London Massage is in a position to blend professional knowledge with more than ten years practical experience to ensure that each and every treatment is adapted to meet the needs of our clients. All of our therapists are qualified and hold diplomas. We hire only experienced qualified massage therapists.

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